Neptune Systems I/O Breakout Box Apex

Neptune Systems I/O Breakout Box Apex

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Neptune Systems I/O Breakout Box Apex

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Customize your Neptune Apex Controller with the I/O Breakout Box. Add float switches, magnet switches, or any other open/closed device. The Breakout box does not power any accessories but lets you monitor the signal of the switch connected to it, and then you can program your Apex controller to react to the change in the status. The breakout box can connect to any open I/O port on an Apex Controller System.

Besides the conventional float switches, the options that you unlock with your Apex and a breakout box are virtually endless. Below is a short list of examples for possible switches and what they can accomplish.

  • Float Switches for Auto Top Off
  • Reed Switches for cabinet lighting or intruder detection
  • Humidity Sensors for turning on and off fans or dehumidifiers
  • Momentary Switches for a time-based function like saltwater mixing or water changes
  • 3-Way Toggle Switches for overriding programmed outlets
  • Leak Detection Switches for notifying you when a leak is occurring

What's Included?

  • 1x Neptune Systems Breakout Box

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